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Creating highly customized business solutions is our history & our strength

Modern IT Consulting & Development

We carefully examine your challenges and come up with creative and potent tech-based solutions to solve them. Then, upon your full approval, we develop & implement these solutions. Nothing gets done without your approval. You know your business - PCS knows IT. The synergy of the two is the key to effective and complete solution. Of course, training and subsequent support are always part of this winning formula for success.

Internet Consulting & Web Development

Online presence isn't an option for even the smallest businesses in today's world - every business must be on the Web. PCS can assist you with Web development, online advertising, Social Media utilization and more, but not in the usual manner. Each business is different and requires a different strategy, which is exactly what we provide. We don't simply show you what to do or how to do it, we work with you to provide a lasting and always cost-effective solution, specifically designed for your business.

Web-based Applications

We're big on apps, but PCS differs here as well. We don't develop native apps, with a version for Android and another for iOS - that's very inefficient and more costly. Instead we develop web-based apps that are cross-platform and cross-browser compatible, with a single source code (which makes it much cheaper, faster and easier to maintain). Also, we're not fans of constant downloads and installs, so our Web apps don't require any downloads/installs - simply scan a QR code and you're running our app.


PCS, being in IT business for decades, has created a number of solutions for a wide variety of industries and businesses. From a small website for a local restaurant, to a very large, highly customized application that included property management, housekeeping, accounting, maintenance management, and a very complex and unique reservation sub-system for resorts in Sun Valley & McCall, Idaho. We've built solutions for businesses you've never heard of, as well as known giants like Microsoft® and Starbucks®.

Our latest projects include mobile web-based apps that don't require any downloads or installs. They include Customer Loyalty, Online Ordering, Digital Gift Cards and Multimedia Display System, all requiring nothing more than mobile devices to work.

Feel free to click on any images below to either view the relevant web site(s) or web app, including our Customer Loyalty/Marketing application - Frequent Dividends (FreD©).


For decades PCS has been providing dozens of businesses with high quality Systems Design,
Applications Development (including Web Development), Training & Support
IT-in-a-box is a good way to describe our services

IT Consulting

Many small businesses can't afford their own IT departments. PCS can fill that need with competence and professionalism. If you have IT/Internet questions - please feel free to contact PCS!

Systems Analysis & Design

Whether you need to solve a business problem with a small program or a large application - PCS can analyze your needs in a sedulous manner and design a pertinent solution.

Systems Development

PCS can handle any size development projects. We don't only analyze and design solutions for your needs, but develop and implement them as well, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Website Development

You can't be in business today without having a potent website, since that's your face to the world, that very important first impression for your prospective clients. We can help you elevate your online presence to a higher level.

Web Applications

PCS develops web-based apps that are different from most. Our apps are less expensive and far easier to maintain. They don't require any downloads nor installs. If you need a mobile app - email us!

Digital Customer Loyalty

If you have a small business with repeating customers - you can significantly increase your business by implementing a Customer Loyalty program. Talk to us about FreD© and see how it can benefit your business.

Customer Marketing (with FreD)

How much would a constantly growing list of your ideal customers would be worth to you? Think about that and then contact PCS to see how you can obtain one. (you really can!)


Strong businesses always struggle with IT. We can show you how a flexible IT Support plan from PCS will provide you with all the IT/Internet support you will need. Think of it as having your own IT department but for a fraction of the typical cost.

Cloud Migration

Is your small business in the Cloud yet? If not - you owe yourself to consider moving there. That kind of a move involves careful planning and proper execution. PCS can guide you every step of the way to gain the many benefits Cloud can bring to your organization.


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