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PCS was started in 1987 by Oleg Moskalensky, a legal immigrant from the former Soviet Union, subsequently a proud American citizen. Originally the company focused on multimedia services using Amiga computers. PCS designed and developed an automated computer-based display system for local cable TV channel in North Bend, WA, beaming public announcements, information and advertisements to 11,000 homes in the area.
When the multimedia market collapsed, Oleg worked for several companies in the Hospitality industry, performing just about every IT task imaginable. From Junior Programmer, to Project Manager to IT Director. In 1995 Oleg created an online resort availability display on the Web - a first in the timeshare industry. One of the customers emailed the company stating that "it was the best thing the company has done in the past 20 years". In 2000 PCS designed and developed one of the first online ordering systems for restaurants.

The CEO of Private Residence Resorts hired PCS to find a computer system with a rather unique set of capabilities. Since such system wasn't available, PCS offered to design and develop it. The client agreed and PCS created FORS (Fractional Ownership and Reservation System). It handled all aspects of the business, from property management, to housekeeping, folio management, maintenance, and a very unique reservation system and was successfully deployed and supported by PCS for the following 18 years.
PCS got seriously involved in Web development and created web-based applications for small businesses, for handling Customer Loyalty & Customer Marketing needs. Frequent Dividends (FreD for short) is used by a number of businesses, requiring nothing more than mobile phones to implement and utilize. What makes these web apps unique is that they don't require any downloads or installs. Everything works via QR codes and some programming magic behind the scenes.

At this time PCS concentrates on IT Consulting, IT Support (for small businesses) and Business Web Application Development. If you have a project in mind - please contact PCS for a complimentary assessment meeting. We'd be happy to discuss meaningful solutions, give you a number of options to consider, without any obligation. We'll make it worth your time!



PCS starts every project by carefully analyzing the business needs (and wants) and designing a potent set of solutions to handle it as quickly and cost-effectively as the current technology allows. We never use 'bleeding edge' tech, but keep our self-education ongoing and current. Proper planning and design yield successful results, on time and on budget.



There are a number of ways to solve problems. PCS believes vast majority of business problems can be solved, or at least significantly diminished, by utilizing technology. However, many companies use technology, but not the correct technology nor use it correctly, thus spending more money than necessary and not producing desired results. We develop our solutions taking all of this into account. PCS develops systems in pieces, using Agile methodology, and beta-test the progress along the way, so when the system is completed - there are no bugs and the staff is ready to use it.



PCS takes great care to make sure the systems are flexible and capable of running in varied environments. Whether you prefer Windows or Linux - our systems run on both. If it's a web application - we ensure it runs equally well on iPhones and Android devices, as well as tablets and desktops, utilizing a single codebase, to minimize maintenance time and costs in the future. We can deploy our systems on your servers or recommend some options for you in the cloud. And, you will always get our support, to ensure smooth implementation and subsequent operation. If you require training - we can provide that as well.

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