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SPEC stands for Strictly Productive & Efficient Computing, a concept that generally eludes Small Businesses due to perceived Strictly Productive & Efficient Computing economic factor that they can't afford their own IT department, although it's highly debatable due to largely untapped productivity & efficiency gains, as well as cost savings derived from using technology.
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 Takeout Online 
Record Sage - Track Your Life We developed Takeout Online in 2001, as a online service for restaurants, enabling them to offer their customers a simple, hassle-free online ordering service for takeout.

Takeout Online - Premier Online Ordering Service for Restaurants Any restaurant can participate and offer online ordering as well as get online presence or enhance existing presence and there's no need for any infrastructure changes - the only requirement is to have a fax machine so they can receive the orders.

Great Business Opportunity with Residual Income We also provide a Business Opportunity for anyone who wishes to make residual income in this business by partnering with Takeout Online. The great thing about this opportunity is that it doesn't require any prior experience, education or special skills.

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